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Adult sugar maple has extensive dense rounded crown. In the forest, its trunk is usually straight and without connects to two thirds or more of its height. In an open field, its trunk is shorter and a few large branches support a broad peak.
The sugar maple can live 400 years and measure 20 to 35 meters high and 50 to 90 centimeters in diameter.
Sugar maple's leaves are eight to thirteen centimeters wide. They are dark yellowish green on the upper surface and paler and not pubescent on the underside. In autumn, they take a beautiful red, orange or yellow.
The leaves are arranged in pairs on the branch, each sheet opposing to each other. They are flat with three to five long pointed lobes. The sugar maple leaves are easily recognizable because, contrary to the leaves of other maple, they have two U-shaped teeth which separate the side lobes of the central lobe.
Sugar maple's branches are reddish brown, hairy and not shiny. Very sharp buds are arranged on each side on the branch.
 The reddish-brown buds have several pairs of scales slightly pubescent.
 The bark is light gray to dark gray and separated into long irregular bands that often roll to one side.
The fruits are winged seeds of about 2.5 to 3 inches in length that ripen in the fall.
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