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Maple 100% pure water (Yuye)
Extracted from maple, maple water is 100% pure and is subject to a code of harvest. It is filtered, sterilized and packed in order to keep its original taste, which is slightly sweet. We can feel the flavor of maple sap and taste this natural delight

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Maple Water Concentrate (Qiongjiang)
Concentrated sap-Sweet: Maple Water Concentrated preseve most sugars and nutrients. Maple sap is concentrated, making it thicker and sweeter.
The water then has a wonderful taste, and contains several nutrients, making it an ideal drink for children and adolescents.

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Filtered (Haofengshui)
Unsweetened Maple water is filtered sap, but which does not have any sugar. This non-sweet maple water retains the same nutritional properties as the sap 100% pure. The non-sweet maple water is light and clear, you'll truly feel like drinking spring water. A natural hydration drink, Haofengshui is truly a "Water Plants".

napsi logoCertifiée NAPSI

NAPSI is a certification created by the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers to ensure the authenticity and quality of maple water. The harvesting methods and processes of NAPSI-certified products meet strict standards that guarantee the maple water is:


Natural: harvested from maple trees

Authentic: it is the same sap that the trees themselves produce

Pure: no agents or ingredients added

Sterile: devoid of any microorganisms

Integral: it is unrefined, not from concentrate and contains all the original compounds provided by nature


This certification is available for national and international distributors who meet the requirements of the certification. Among the key requirements is that the maple water must be purchased in Canada.


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