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maple syrup

Maple Syrup… It’s more than just sugar!

Maple syrup is indigenous to North America, and more specifically to Quebec. It is a natural product free of any colouring or additives, made from the sap of the sugar maple. The maple water (sap) is composed of water (more than 97%), sucrose, fructose and glucose. It also contains amino acids, proteins, organic acids and vitamins in variable quantities.

Maple syrup is a product unlike any other because its flavour and colour vary throughout the season. As the season progresses, maple syrup's fructose and glucose levels rise, while its sucrose levels drop slightly. Like the sugars, the levels of other natural compounds present in the maple water also change throughout the season (e.g. amino acids, minerals). These transformations in the maple water's composition cause a change in the colour and the taste of the maple syrup.


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