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In Saints-Martyrs-Canadiens
Next to the Lake Nicolet, near Lake Coulombe and Lake Aylmer ;
Located on Highway 161, easy access and a unique geographical position;





Opening an all seasons sugar shack

Our village will own holidays::

Sugar bush, a new design of sugaring for tourists;
30 chalets and recreation rooms;

The resort features include::

First, a sugar shack where tourists produce maple syrup themselves and on site;
The opening of the sugar shack will in all seasons; (at present, water from érabletraitéetechniquement, can be stored for one year.)
Around the maple products, we have a variety of entertainment in our resort;

Design: the Indian-style chalets in the village

Indian style characteristics for the cottages, made of logs as the main structure, retaining the original equipment pourrecueillir sap and production, retro cottages are unique, (one of the designs)

Visitors have fun not only to produce maple syrup, but also with their family and friends, they can go horseback riding, to Lapêche, dutir archery, hunting, hiking, snowshoeing and cross country skiing ...


The forest area is 118 acres in total, of which 53 will be used to build 30 cottages, each cottage is designed for different users; Each cottage will cover an area of ​​about 36,000 to 40,000 sq.ft., co-ownership, unified management by the management company;

Utilities entertainment: an activity center, restaurant, fishing, SPA, horse ride, a bird observation platform, en archery, etc .;





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